Leo Anillo

President & Co-Founder

Leo Anillo graduated from Florida A & M University where he received his Bachelors of Architecture in 1993. He strongly believes in the serious responsibility and commitment upon architects to shape communities for the present and future generations. Leo has always been committed to continue improving, and learning something new on each project that he is involved with. He also believes that a continuous learning process and pushing all the design boundaries are key elements for ATL to develop projects which live up to the clients expectations and needs.

As one of the principals and co-founder of ATL, Leo leads a team of talented professionals who share his principles, passion, and determination to create architecture which positively contributes to shaping the urban environment without losing his clear vision of maximize the clients needs, requirements, and expectations.

Leo, as principal in charge of design, brings to ATL more than 25 years of experience in architecture including master planning, multi family traditional neighborhood, new urbanistic communities, mixed use urban projects, high rise buildings, affordable and senior living communities, civic, commercial, and urban design. His involvement in all aspects of architecture from schematic design to completion of the projects, and his passion for quality design has pushed the firm forward with a number of well recognized buildings by simply combining design, function, and professionalism that takes the clients wish list and program into realities.

Ernesto Toledo, LEED AP

President & Co-Founder

Ernesto Toledo graduated from the I.S.P. J.A.E in Havana Cuba, where he received his Bachelors of Architecture in 1990. He prides himself in advocating for his client needs with an unwavering commitment to clear communication and an unparalleled quality of service in all phases of a project - from zoning analysis, schematic design and code consulting, to construction documents.

Mr. Toledo, as one of the principals in charge of design and master planning brings to the firm over 25 years of international experience in the architectural field from Cuba, Venezuela and the United States.

His extensive experience in multifamily housing, mixed-use projects, high rise buildings, and student housing developments, together with his professional ability to provide innovative design solutions in every project, makes him a crucial part of the proven formula for ATL to create architecture that serves and transcends.

A. Danilo López, AIA, CCM, REFP, LEED, AP

After spending ten years as Senior Architect for Educational Facilities in private practices in Florida; ten years as Advance Planner Miami Dade County Public Schools; and ten years as program manager in the K- 16 sector in several states, Danilo has developed a well-rounded experience that includes programming, planning, design, quality, and project/program management.

Danilo's collaborative approach to projects and problem solving fosters information sharing, knowledge enrichment, innovation, and success. His passion for sustainability is reflected in his accomplishments, which include the first LEED Certified school in Dallas ISD (2005); his participation in the Technical Committee that developed the Texas Criteria from The Collaborative for High Performing Schools (CHPS, 2007); being a regular instructor of the Sustainability Module in the Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) certification course, and being one of the first architects in the USA to obtain both, the Green Globes Professional (GGP) and the Guiding Principles Compliance Professional (GPCP) certifications from the Green Building Institute (GBI).

Danilo has served in several capacities, from planning and design manager, to post-construction manager, deputy program director, technical services manager, pre-bond services manager, and quality and projects control manager. He has participated in multi-million dollar construction programs for K-12, seven (7) of them in Texas, plus Miami-Dade County Public Schools, Broward County Public Schools, Miami-Dade College, Detroit Public Schools, and Portland Public Schools.

Carlos A. Jimenez

Project Leader & Associate

Carlos Jimenez has over 16 years of experience in the construction industry with extensive experience in managing large, complex multi-use develop ' ent project s. He began his career in Construction while he attended the University of Miami School of Architecture where he obtained his Bachelors of Architecture in 2005, learning the fundamental s of construction at Pioneer International Development and has evolved into the Project Leader Director at Anillo Toledo Lopez Architects and has been with the firm since 2012.

Carlos has a vast under standing of the industry of architecture and oversees all aspects from the early design to construction completion with an emphasis on project delivery, quality control and a strong focus on implementation of good design in construction. His role as Project Leader at Anillo Toledo Lopez Architect s is to direct the· design team and ensure that strategy is clearly defined while overseeing performance and managing projects to meet deadlines.

Luis Velez

Project Manager & Construction Administration Manager

Mr. Velez has 30+ years of experience as an Architect and Construction Administration Manager, 20 of those years in South Florida, and 10+ years abroad, San Francisco, California and Dallas-Fort Worth , Texas. He worked and achieved a license as a General Contractor in the San Francisco, Bay Area, spent 10 years as Project Manager for a private architectural practice located in Miami, Florida, specializing in residential apartments and high end mid-high rise condominium buildings, 4.5 as Program Manager in the Fort Worth Independent School District, Texas, and lately, being involved in the vibrant residential apartments industry in the South Florida Area, as an Architect and certified Construction Manager, with extensive experience in several disciplines accumulated over the years, most versatile in Architecture, Project and Program Management.

He serves as Project Manager in the Design and Construction Administration Departments for Anillo Toledo Lopez, Architecture and Planning, and has participated in numerous of the exciting residential and commercial projects the firm has under development, in the early stages of design, on the production board or in the construction phase. Mr. Velez brings these organizational skills to Anillo Toledo Lopez as the person in charge of construction phases of project development. He serves in coordinating projects as the client liaison, and once the projects have completed the 'design' phases, he supervises the preparation of the construction documents, arranges the construction disciplines, and participate in the contract administration of the project assuring quality while adhering to the proposed scope, schedule, and budget of each project.

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